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The Puppy to Perfect Program is for new puppy parents with puppies under 5 months old, the younger the better!

In 20 weeks, I teach new pup parents how to transform their cute but crazy puppy into the perfect family dog. This program will give you the guidance you need to house train your pup, teach them not to chew you or your things, teach them basic commands and so much more. A dog with all of these skills will easily blend into family life, be able to join you on trips, spend quality time with friends and family, and be a source of comfort, not stress. Good dogs don’t happen naturally, But with this program it will feel that way. It is easy to get overwhelmed by all of the advice you can find online. Allow me to be your trusted expert resource on all things puppy and show you how to shape your puppy into the perfect best friend.

The price for membership is $377.00 now and then $377.00 per Month for 4 more Months.

Membership expires after 21 Weeks.

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